Clothing Review

Today I’m doing something a little different.  I’m going to review a top I ordered and received from B&lu.

Specifically, this top:

The top was on sale, so I can’t sent it back.  And believe me, if I could send it back, I would. 

Where the description says that it is “slightly sheer” it is misleading.  The only way I can wear this top will be to put something underneath it, unless I am planning on going to jail for indecent exposure.  Luckily, I already own one or three black shells.

The second problem with this top is the description calls it an empire waist.  Empire waists are supposed to fall right under the breasts, and is a style that looks very good on me.  Unfortunately, this style is far from an empire waist.  The elastic band falls about one inch above my waist. 

Now, I understand that I am a short woman, standing only 5’2″ tall, but this garment reminds me of trying to find clothing when I was a fat teenager in the early 80’s.  When I found something that was fun, it was always 12″ too long for me.  Even the petite sizes were 6″ too long. 

Finally, there’s something funky about the sleeves.  They bind under the arms in a way they shouldn’t.  When I tried it on after getting it, I realized I’m going to have to take apart the seam on the underneath of the sleeve to get the range of motion I need without the garment binding my arm.  When I told my mother-in-law that, she said, “You shouldn’t have to remake a brand new top!  Send it back!”

And that’s where I stand on this.  If it wasn’t on sale, it would be going back to B&lu.  Fortunately, it was only $15, so I didn’t waste too much on this.  If I’d bought it for the full price of $42, I’d be demanding my money back.

This was my first time buying from B&lu.  I think it will be my last.

4 Responses

  1. Things with B&Lu either seem to work wonderfully or end tragically. There doesn’t seem to be much in between. I have been lucky so far.

  2. bleh! this is what comes of NOT having standardized sizing. which is a WHOLE nother website o’ bitch, i know. 😉

    keep up the wonderful work!

  3. Sheesh. How weirdly it must be made that the band falls so low!
    Being likewise 5’2″, I like the empire waistline as well, it detracts from how short legged I am! Even the description strikes me oddly….it says empire waist, but also describes it as “blouson” which usually DOES mean a band near waist and loose above!

  4. I’ll take a picture of it on me (with appropriate underclothing) in a day or two. I’ve got some other pics I need to take (new jewelry to put up on Etsy) so, since I have the camera out and all…

    But yeah. The description in strange, but I just thought it would be a bit looser up above the empire waistline.

    I’ve not yet altered it. I really don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Ah well… I’ll figure it out.

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