A little more on why Alton Brown’s comments irritate me so much.

The other day, when I was upset about Alton Brown’s comments (http://www.ecorazzi.com/2008/09/10/food-star-alton-brown-talks-sustainability/), one of the things I said was that he sells food.

What I meant by that is he sells the concept of food.  His main show on Food Network is called Good Eats.  In that show, he talks about the science behind making food taste good while being nutritious.  He’s selling the concept of nutritious food, home cooked food, and, if you understand the science, then also good tasting food that’s not going to give you salmonella.

That’s why I call him a hypocrite.  His whole life is about selling the concept of food to everybody who will watch his shows and/or buy his books.  And he has the audacity to ridicule people for buying what he’s selling.  He has the audacity to humiliate people for buying into the concept of “good eats”.  That it can be nutritious and good.

There are many episodes where he’s making *whatever*, and at the end of the show, he has a big bowl of *whatever he cooked* and one eating utensil and acts like he’s going to eat it all.  Yes, I know that’s hyperbole to sell the product (recipe).   But how can he sit there, in an article talking about sustainability in food, and ridicule fat people when he’s not only selling the concept of food, but he’s suggesting overeating in his shows? 

Yanno, I really did like Alton Brown.  I liked that he was a nerd (Mr. Science for food) and that he made a good living from being a food nerd.  His shows were entertaining, and I usually learned a lot of things from Good Eats.  But I cannot support a person who makes his living from rampart hypocrisy.

If he really feels like he seems to, then he should get out of the food business.  There’s many other areas he could put his geekiness and knowledge to ‘good’ work.  You know, like the diet industry.  I’m sure they’d love to have him as their spokesperson, explaining in scientific ways how eating this or that thing, or combination of things, works to help one lose weight.  Yeah, maybe he could start a show all about dieting and have food anthropologists explaining how people dieted through the ages and how it was all healthy.

You know, like the “healthy” way of eating a tapeworm.  No, really, people did that.  Or the new “healthy” way of starving ourselves. 

Or, how about some real history which shows that at certain times, being fat was considered sexy and desirable, because only rich people could afford to be fat (both by having an abundance of food as well as having an abundance of leisure time).  Now that an abundance of food is relatively normal (and I say relatively because I know about the starving poor people in every country, including my own), the new sexy and desirable is to not eat so much and the new leisure activity is to work oneself into exhaustion.

Oh, wait, that concept would never sell, would it?


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