An article in the NYT, about eating to enjoy, rather than dieting.  One that’s NOT condemning of people who eat what they want.

The final quote:

Marion Nestle, the New York University nutritionist whose book “What To Eat” (North Point Press, 2006) focuses on sensible eating, said she thinks people view food as the enemy, when the real problem is that they have forgotten how to enjoy food in a healthful way.

“If you’re eating something you really like, maybe you won’t feel like you need to eat so much of it,” she said. “If you want a muffin, then eat a gorgeous muffin with marvelous blueberries that’s moist and crispy on the outside with a little sugar on it. Yum.”

There’s no condemnation of foods like avocado, walnut, peanut butter.  They are even talked about as being “healthy” in this article.  The only quibble I have with the whole article is the part where it says people should eat more plant based foods.  Not everybody can be a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian.  I’ve tried being a vegetarian and it didn’t work for me.

But yeah.  An article.  In the NYT, not condemning people for eating for pleasure and nutrition.

Hopefully, this is the start of a very long trend.

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