Only four hours of exersize a day? Go, read this first.

Okay, you back?

So, now, besides eating a starvation diet, I also have to exercise for four hours a day? Ummmm, in what universe is that really a viable solution?

Oh, wait, people who are rich can afford to be thin. People like Madonna or Oprah who do nothing all day long (okay, I know that’s not fair, Oprah is busy, but she also has people to see to pesky things like cooking and cleaning her mansion), can afford to take four hours a day to exercise.

So, yeah, I can either become fabulously rich (in my dreams), or join an insular christian sect and give up all modern life. Now, while I like dressing in “funny” clothing on the weekend and camping and such (will do so this weekend, matter of fact), and while I enjoy doing a lot of ‘old fashioned’ stuff like making soap and canning jellies and preserves and making cakes from scratch, there’s no way I could live in an Amish community. I know nothing about how to cook or bake on a fire/in a fire fueled oven. My sewin’ skills (what I do have) are predicated on a sewing machine, my hand sewing is terrible! And much as I love caring for animals, I have no actual clue about anything it would take to live on a real farm, doing things the hard way (meaning no modern luxuries in life).

And give up my computer and internet access???? Heavens forbid!

Okay, now that the snarkiness is out of my system, here’s the thing that most disturbs me about this article: They say that for 30% of the European descended population, there is a so-called fat gene. But then they try to make it sound reasonable that people with this fat gene should just exercise moderately for four hours a day.

Sometimes, I think the editors aren’t vetting the articles for, you know, common sense. Besides upper income people who can afford to hire personal trainers, get expensive gym memberships, and have the time and money to go to health food stores* and make everything from scratch, who really has the time, money, or energy at the end of a long day to exercise four hours a day? And still be able to sleep and have time with their families?

Many people today are working more than one job. It’s just a fact. The lower the pay scale is for any one job, the more likely that person is working two or three, especially if they have a family to support. Even when they aren’t working more than one job, a typical 8 hour workday, with commuting time makes 10 hours away from the home. Add in the 8 hours one is supposed to have for sleeping every night, and that gives you JUST enough time for the exercise (four hours) and two hours left over for … everything else. You know, like cooking those home cooked (and supposedly better for you) meals, spending time with the kids so they remember who mom or dad is, cleaning house, buying groceries, going to the doctor, oh yeah, and relaxing.

And here is the underlying message: We (society in general) just don’t care if you have health problems that make you gain weight, are on medicines which make you gain weight, or even if it’s genetic and you are at a disadvantage because it really is in your genes. We don’t like looking at you fat people. So it’s reasonable for us to tell you to exercise for 4 hours a day so you aren’t fat anymore. It really has NOTHING to do with health (which we fatties have known for a long time). It’s all about aesthetics. So, be a good little fatty, get with the program and either starve yourself or exercise and absurd amount of time every day, or have WLS. It doesn’t matter to us as long as you stop being fat at us.

Um. Yeah. This (four hours of exercise a day) is a totally realistic expectation for a person. Just like eating a very limited quantities of food for the rest of your life is totally realistic. Uhhuh. Totally. Or, you know, we could just give up modern life and go join the Amish…

*I have nothing against health food stores, and even shop there on occassion myself. The thing I DO have a problem with is how shopping at health food stores is almost always equated with better nutrition/better choices for fat people. I’m sorry, the whole oats that’s sold in Safeway is the same whole oats sold in the health food store. Some of the honeys and maple syrups are the exact same brand even (only at the health food store they are at least $1.00 more expensive). Yes, the local grocery store does have more junk food and such, but the health food stores have junk too (chocolate bars, ‘veggie’ chips, etc). While there may be benifits with less pesticides and less antibiotics fed to the animals before they are slautered and make it to the meat section, food from the health food store is not necessarily so much better for fatties than any other food. And if anybody were to overeat on the ‘veggie chips’ from the health food store, it would be just as possibly detrimental (a full bag of potato chips fried in oil or a full bag of veggie chips fried in oil, how is that any different, really).


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  2. My mother, who is 58, says that if she had a personal trainer she could look “awesome like Cher” too. (They’re about the same age.) She teaches school so she gets plenty of exercise– but of course she doesn’t have 4 hours a day.

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